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We truly believe in using quality products having a 'farm-to-fork' approach in keeping with our support of small businesses, and local farms.  All our sausages and burgers are freshly made at our shop and due to the fact that we do not use bulking agents such as rusk, and less than 5% fat, making our products extremely meatier, tastier and as well as being low in fat.
Fresh Food Made For You

You can now order your food online through our website.

All you have to do is:

  • Decide what you want.

  • How many you'd like

  • When you'd like delivery

Please feel free to have a look at our range of products and should you wish to order anything, fill in our order form below and we'll do the rest!

Pork blended with sage and seasonings filled into natural pork casings.
All made with 100% British meat.
1/2 Dozen free range eggs.
 Our freshly laid eggs come from selected farms where hens are free to roam.
Our chickens are reared by selected farmers in order to encourage natural behaviors and ensure their well-being.
Perfect with a wide range of dishes from breakfast to fine dining.
Tender and succulent British Beef, lightly seasoned with sea salt and pepper
Meat Feast
for the week
Choose from a range of meats inc. Chicken Fillets, Sausages, Beef Burgers, Sausage Pin Wheels.

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