Our Sizzling Barbecue
The Sizzling Barbecue Menu

1/4 lb Beef Burgers

Hot ‘Dawg’

Served on Freshly Baked Artisan Bread

Sweet Caramelised Onions (v)

Sweet Apple & Red Cabbage Slaw (v)

Warm New Potato Salad served with Fresh Mint & Melted Butter (v)

Dressed Rocket Salad served with Cherry Tomatoes, Peppers & Red Onions (v)

Prices for the Barbecue Menu: 
Up to 100 people from £795
Up to 150 people from £1,185
Up to 200 people from £1,580

Add these extra sizzlers based on a minimum order of 25:

Jerk Chicken (£3.50 per head)
Sticky Barbecue Ribs (£3.50 per head)
‘Surf & Turf’ Kebabs - King Prawn, Steak, Tomato, Pepper and Red Onion Kebab (£4 per head)


Vegetarian Option:
Portobello Mushroom with Halloumi Cheese (v) (£4.50 per head)

A large Portobello mushroom filled with pesto and garlic mayonnaise topped with halloumi cheese.



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